Le Cercle De Carteret will hold the Reunion Celebration in Carteret, France, 22nd June 2019

Our Le Cercle De Carteret will be twenty years in existence in the year 2019.

Up date for the day of Saturday 22nd June 2019.

A Tourist Train runs from Carteret to Port Bail is booked for our special day.  Lunch on board while travelling on the train.

We will gather at the Chapel of St Louis where we placed our plaque in 1999 for the welcome speeches.

Please contact the secretary of your interest in attending through the comments page on this web site.  Thanks.

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6 Responses to Le Cercle De Carteret will hold the Reunion Celebration in Carteret, France, 22nd June 2019

  1. Lois Foster says:

    Le Circle De Carteret,
    I am interested in attending in 2019. I left a comment for Michael earlier and now find the connection to the De Carteret line was Isaac LeVesconte and Jane (1824) as they were siblings.
    Speak again soon I hope.

  2. Jean Khan says:

    I’d love to come Jenny. I’ll ask the troops in
    London and Guernsey if they want to go too
    and let you know. Can you let me know
    where we send the £40. Lots of love Jean

  3. M.A. (Meg) Barker says:

    Hello, I am interested in attending the deCarteret reunion in June 2019.

    My mother was Elizabeth Matheson deCarteret. Her father was Samuel Laurence deCarteret, who was born in NewZealand.

    Could you please provide any information you may have regarding an itinerary for the 2019 reunion and suggested accommodation options in or near Carteret, France.

    Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    • jthomas says:

      Dear Meg,
      Thank you for contacting Le Cercle De Carteret web site.
      I am sending the details via your e-mail address, so look out for it.
      We are very pleased to hear from you, as we have your GR GR GR Grandfather Jean De Carteret (Journal 1859) written while emigrating to New Zealand from the Isle of Jersey, Channel Islands. Fascinating read.
      Jennifer Thomas (Secretary of Le Cercle De Carteret)

  4. Larry Barker says:

    Hello Jennifer,
    Meg Barker is my sister. I too would be interested in attending the reunion and meeting more relatives. Could you please copy me on the details.
    On a trip to New Zealand earlier this year I was able to get a copy of Jean’s journal and agree that the read is fascinating.
    Thank you for your assistance.
    Norman Laurence (Larry) De Carteret Barker

  5. Glenda Gustin says:

    I would be very interested in attending, I have missed two reunions and very much do not want to miss another. I would be coming from Arizona, USA and it looks like for now I will be representing my whole family alone—but we have time yet and hopefully more will come. I’m descended from Marguerite deCarteret who m Guillaume LeRossignol, the line from there goes to Augustine Jean/John Gustin, down to me.

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