Membership Form for Le Cercle De Carteret.

Le Cercle de Carteret – Membership Form[7616]

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9 Responses to Membership Form for Le Cercle De Carteret.

  1. Malcolm De Carteret Bowen says:

    Son of William Decarteret Bowen. Have carried out extensive research of De Carteret name back to Sark.
    I would like to join group please.

    • Malcolm De Carteret Bowen says:

      What is the annual fee for membership please.

      • jthomas says:

        The annual fee for membership of Le Cercle De Carteret is £10.00.
        Please let me know (via this comments column) if you are unable to see the Membership form on this site.

  2. Penny Guy says:

    I can’t see a membership form on this website

    • jthomas says:

      Hi Penny,
      Please look for my e-mail sent today with regards to membership form.
      J. Thomas

  3. Myrtle De Carteret says:

    My name is Myrtle De Carteret (née Burlingham). I was married to Senator John Philip De Carteret on 1/6/85. We have a son James Robert De Carteret born April 13th 1989. We would like to become members of Le Cercle De Carteret. Can you let me know what it entails.

    • jthomas says:

      Dear Myrtle and James,
      Thank you for your enquiry for membership, We do have the membership form available on the website. But I am sending an e-mail with the membership form attached.
      Best Wishes
      J. Thomas

  4. Yvonne Pratt says:

    Sark de Carteret Family tree. Is it possible that a copy of this tree is still available to buy? I descend from Thomasse de Carteret and Jacob Harmon.
    Regards, Yvonne Pratt

  5. Dear Yvonne,
    I have just tried to reply to your e-mail today (5/2/2020) with no success.
    Pay pal is very easy to use if you have an account. Otherwise, let me know if you don’t have an account with them, and we will think of another way to acquire the Sark De Carteret Family Poster.
    Hope this reaches you!
    Jennifer Thomas (Secretary of Le Cercle De Carteret)

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