Membership Form for Le Cercle De Carteret.

Le Cercle de Carteret – Membership Form[7616]

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7 Responses to Membership Form for Le Cercle De Carteret.

  1. Malcolm De Carteret Bowen says:

    Son of William Decarteret Bowen. Have carried out extensive research of De Carteret name back to Sark.
    I would like to join group please.

    • Malcolm De Carteret Bowen says:

      What is the annual fee for membership please.

      • jthomas says:

        The annual fee for membership of Le Cercle De Carteret is £10.00.
        Please let me know (via this comments column) if you are unable to see the Membership form on this site.

  2. Penny Guy says:

    I can’t see a membership form on this website

    • jthomas says:

      Hi Penny,
      Please look for my e-mail sent today with regards to membership form.
      J. Thomas

  3. Myrtle De Carteret says:

    My name is Myrtle De Carteret (née Burlingham). I was married to Senator John Philip De Carteret on 1/6/85. We have a son James Robert De Carteret born April 13th 1989. We would like to become members of Le Cercle De Carteret. Can you let me know what it entails.

    • jthomas says:

      Dear Myrtle and James,
      Thank you for your enquiry for membership, We do have the membership form available on the website. But I am sending an e-mail with the membership form attached.
      Best Wishes
      J. Thomas

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