Translation of Sir George De Carteret’s Letter written to his Wife Lady Elizabeth De Carteret. Written by Sir George while in London during the reign of King Charles II.

This is a best translation of the way Sir George wrote, and also the way of speech in the 16th century.

I have not treasured any letter from thee this many days which both causes me to be very great observer of winds and weather but we have had for times stired winds this long tyme that the Barques could not possible come over.

But I promised that I’d hasten, hath on it all this time of writtings by thee ways of fondness which is a readie ways and farr more certain than any other within this month

I have written unto you two letters which I sent by the ways of France and I believe are in your hands before this tyme. Thus I am sending to Hampton to pays for postage with divers others which I send that are fine and are still there. There is a Jersey Barque ready to set sail for Jersey within this three days, by that convayanes I will write to my Dears Love and will send the things she has writt for.

My briefings here makes me best famie how to disposse of my self that I doest not know what to writt unto thee concerning that particular, but only that I doth wish with to fellows my Dear Betty here and should not stay long before to invite you of speedie comings over but that I have fears that it will not be suitable to forme of my Dearself friends distress, I have already written unto my Dears heart upon thus subject witch makes mee to desire future my to hears from thee.