The Commemoration for our Sark Soldiers 1916 -2016

I Mike De Carteret Chairman of Le Cercle De Carteret, along with the committee and The Chairman of Le Cercle De Carteret - Mike De Carteret with the memorial plaquemembers of Le Cercle De Carteret, would like to offer the thanks of the de Carteret family to all those who organised the service for commemorating Harry De Carteret and Roy Toplis on Saturday 3rd September 2016.
The  Sark British Legion, Lt Colonel Reg Guille, Jeremy La Trobe Bateman, The Revered Julia Dallen for giving Harry a Funeral which he did not have in 1916.
Jeremy for making the Memorial, all those who came as mourners.
This ceremony of installing the plaque to Harry, now concludes a three year effort to complete the task, on the behalf of Le Cercle de Carteret to continue the de Carteret name to be forever involved in Sark.
Thanks also to the photographer and Sark Tourism for their article which appears in the magazine, and on their The mourners of Harry De Carteret (1916) Sark web site in the news section – British Legion Representatives at St Peters Church, Sark

 Kath Sarchet (nee De Carteret) niece of Harry De Carteret who died in the First World War 1916
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  1. Helen Parry says:

    I recently visited Belfast Cathedral and was privileged to see the Irish Roll of Honour for those who fell in the First World War. Members of the Guernsey Light Infantry fought within the Royal Irish Regiment,including my own Great -Great Uncle, Peter De Carteret (09/01/1887-03/09/16)of Vale, Guernsey,son of Peter David De Carteret.
    The Verger did not know that the names of many Channel Island Soldiers were recorded there and was fascinated to read the names of several other De Carterets who are recorded on the same page(and also relatives of mine but more distant). He was pleased to learn this new information and will be pleased to allow others wishing to view the books in which their ancestor’s names are commemorated.
    Best Wishes, Helen Parry

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