Le Cercle De Carteret Visit Caen

Visit to Caen 13.9.2013 Complete

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2 Responses to Le Cercle De Carteret Visit Caen

  1. Deborah Tindell says:

    Hello, i am interested in buying a copy of the Sark Family Tree. I look forward to hearing from you. Deb Tindell.

  2. Pamela De Carteret-Kearney says:

    Hi my maidan name is De Carteret my father was Gordon Albert de Carteret on the person card you have that he was still married to Jayne climo and that all his children are with her but in fact they were divorced and he married again. The last child he had my brother Matthew De Carteret was with second wife Gemma mc Cann from Lurgan co.armagh. Can this be changed? Who do you contact to change it ? I have only found out about the De Carteret site.
    Kind regards
    Pamela De Carteret -Kearney

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