Philip De Carteret R.N.

We have pleasure informing our members and interested parties of the launch of a new book by Jane Ashelford on the life and times of Philip De Carteret R.N.

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Book of Philip De Carteret R.N. Navigator
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  1. MACE says:

    les noms de mes ancêtres sont de Carteret (guy dit l’oiseleur ) et ELIE SYVRET 1761- marié a HAMPTONNE 1740-

  2. MACE says:


    j’ai un ancêtre Sir Richard De Carteret 1452/1502 marié a Margareth HARLISTON 1452/1473

    Son frère Edouard de CARTERET marié à Marie SARRE Ascendant de Diana spencer

  3. Don Weston says:

    My historic family of VALPY have connections to the De Carteret’s of Jersey.
    According to my and other researchers I am a 5th cousin of Capt Phillip De Carteret the navigator. I have always wondered why there seems to be no public recognition of this
    gentleman, a statue or something in a public place.
    I am a firm believer that had he been better equipted by the Royal Navy with a
    more seaworthy vessel he may have gone on after discovering Pitcairn Island and found
    New Zealand & Australia before Capt James Cook.

  4. Dawn Conway says:

    I have just found this page. What a treasure trove of information. I am interested in joining this group. Please inform me of the official way to join.

    I am a desendant of John Thomas Catrett (Carteret), born 1784 in the Carolina Territory (North Carolina, USA) today.

    • jthomas says:

      Dear Dawn,
      Thank you for finding Le Cercle De Carteret. My Uncle Mike De Carteret has been studying the Cartrett family in the USA. I shall pass your information on to him. Please consider yourself as joined our Le Cercle De Carteret Group. I have your e-mail address so I will contact you via that. If you would like to donate toward the upkeep of the web site, I shall give you details in my e-mail. Look out for . Thanks

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